I'm currently working on a few things.

Recent websites

A typical project starts as a design mockup and I will do what it takes to get it working with the CMS.

User Experience

If we don't lsten to our users, then we're building things for ourselves. Working in a user-centered design process helps teams prioritize and define requirements. Every project works within contraints but I always make efforts to do what's best for the people consuming the information.


I've worked on too many projects where accessibility is thought of as an add-on. I beleive it is something that everyone should consider every step of a project. It's also something I've been making strides to improve in every project I work on. I've found web standards as a solid starting point.

Frontend Performance

Most of the people around me are lucky enough to work on these projects with large screens and fast connections, but the people consuming the information are often on 3G or public Wi-Fi connections. It's important that I use every trick I can find to deliver a snappy website in a resonable amount of time.